Created and maintained by Jonaya Riley (@JonayaRiley)


The Homestuck Slur Replacement Project is an effort to replace various slurs in Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, Jailbreak, etc. (especially ableist slurs) and replace them in a way that will be completely unnoticeable to someone who wasn't already aware they were there!The idea isn't to "censor" the original work, but rather to provide a completely optional version of the experience that adjusts the text to maintain intent and narrative flow while not relying on various slurs. I have attempted to maintain tone and characterization - nasty, jackass characters are still nasty, jackasses... they just don't say slurs anymore.This is designed as a simple add-on to the excellent Unofficial Homestuck Collection 2.0 - you can just unpack the included directory into the mods folder inside the asset pack directory for the Unofficial Collection and you're good to go!If you wish to revert to the old version, just deactivate the mod!

Changes Made

  • Replaced all instances of the use of the r-slur for all of the text in Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, and Jailbreak (along with a few static GIFs)

  • Replaced a couple instances of the r-slur on animated GIFs in Problem Sleuth

  • Replaced the use of the r-slur in [S] Seer: Descend

  • Replaced the use of the r-slur in [S] Kanaya: Return to the Core

  • Replaced all instances of the use of the word "autistic" since it was always used in a derogatory way (and in a way that didn't even make any fucking sense as anything but a slur)

  • Replaced the "FUTURE arachnidsGrip" with "LATER arachnidsGrip" to use the "LAG" acronym instead of the homophobic slur

  • Changed the weird, stilted "white dude rapper" comment from Egbert about Dave

  • Changed the one time Dave says the homophobic f-slur

  • Changed references to schizophrenia that were all just ableist garbage

  • Ableist slurs used to refer to Tavros (mainly) are changed

  • Changed the "Cronus almost says a slur lol" bit in Openbound to feel less clunky and bad. Removed the albeist slurs in Openbound part 3

  • Removed a racist slur in the middle of the Colonel Sassacre text

  • Removed the r-slurs and n-word from Dave's blog, as well as one other ableist slur

  • Removed two instances of the n-word and one f-slur from And it Don't Stop

  • Replaced all instances of the r-slur in Hussie's blogs with [EMOTIONAL SUPPORT SLUR] because I'm petty AF

  • Has a nice little add-on to the HS Collection logo to make it clear when you're using a modified copy!

What this isn't and what it doesn't do!

  • It doesn't just censor the slurs - I tried very hard to smooth these over in a way that makes it feel seamless and natural

  • It doesn't make the characters all happy and sweet and nice all the time - if you honestly think the slurs were integral to their characterization, why are you even here?!

  • It doesn't change June's pronouns or name - I'm a trans woman who came out in her 30s and honestly think the "representation" in canon Homestuck world is pretty bad and a bit insulting already (not to mention seeing a 20s/30s transition story is valuable to me), so the fanon "June who comes out when she's on Earth-C" is my jam

  • It doesn't force you to install it, or download it, or even look at it - you are completely free to do whatever you want, including not download and install this